Dock related services – Seasonal care

In addition to building and repairing docks, Beebe Dock & Mooring Systems, can handle the seasonal care of you floating dock and ramp. Our fall and spring service includes unhooking your dock and ramp, and transporting them to our storage facility for safe keeping. All floating docks in our care are hauled out of the water for winter storage, inspected and repaired in preparation for next season.

Come spring, the floating dock is then re-launched and returned to the customer’s property, where it is secured in place, connected to its adjoining ramp and set for the summer’s waterside enjoyment.


Mooring related services – Inspection

Most harbormasters on the Connecticut shore require yearly mooring inspections.

At Beebe Dock & Mooring Systems, we have the equipment to conduct an onsite inspection of your mooring system, do the needed repairs, and reset the mooring in its original GPS position. Our inspection process involves hauling the mooring system completely out of the water to visually check each component. Keep in mind “your mooring system is only as strong as its weakest link.”

Winter storage services

Certain Long Island Sound areas require seasonal removal of moorings.

When the area requires the mooring system be removed yearly, Beebe Dock & Mooring Systems offers a full service storage package. At the end of the season we remove your mooring, store it for the winter, do the yearly inspection and complete the needed repairs. Come spring your mooring system is returned to its location and reset it in its original GPS coordinates.

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