If you live, or have property on the water and want to access the water via a dock, then here is where Beebe Dock & Mooring System’s, years of experience can aid you in that process.

No matter how elaborate or simple a structure, our ability to assist you from concept to completed dock, will insure that your dock is a safe structure and compliments your property. Whether you have a dock that needs repair, or are planning a dock for the first time, we can guide the process and work with the regulating agencies to provide the completed dock system.

We know the steps!

Due to the many environmental and safety concerns, the process to repair, or build a new dock system along the Connecticut shoreline, requires permits, and is regulated by a number of governmental agencies. To the home owner this can be overwhelming. Unfortunately the process is not as easy as filling out a few forms and submitting them to the CT Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, (DEEP).

The good news is that with our assistance and years of experience, Beebe Dock & Mooring Systems can make it less daunting. The end result is obtaining a dock system that is built to the permits and provides you access to enjoy the water. At Beebe Dock & Mooring Systems, we can be that one source and can provide assistance from:

Waterfront planning
Care & Maintenance
Beebe Dock & Mooring
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